Sundari Sacred Arts - Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony
Sundari Sacred Arts - Yukiko Amaya's yoga, sacred dance & holistic healing
Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019    3pm – 4:30pm
With Winter Solstice, we enter into the darkest 3 days of the year when the Sun stands still at its lowest point, and the nights are long. On the 3 day, the Sun is reborn. It is a magical gateway of the year to celebrate and realign ourselves with the renewed cycle of the Wheel of Life, spinning towards new life, new creations, new manifestation.
Come join us to:
  • Celebrate the renewed Power of the Sun 
  • Set your intention for what you desire to manifest in the coming cycle of the year
  • Connect with the powerful energies of the Natural world; Great Mother, with Her seasons, sun cycles and moon tides
  • Be part of a community and be witnessed by and support others in the rekindling of this new cycle around the Sun
  • Open yourself to the healing energies of Nature and be empowered
This Fire Ceremony will be led by Yukiko, an energy healer, Shamanic seeress, Embodied Radiant Empowerment coach, and Priestess of Goddess in the Avalonian Tradition. Come prepared to enter through a powerful portal of life affirming, loving connection with your embodied Soul, and reclaim who you truly are. 
Held in the beautiful Garden of Grace, hosted by Ronda and Jim Cheatham. Enjoy the love and sacred energy of this land which will assist us in this Fire Ceremony.
DATE: December 21, 2019
TIME: 3pm - 4:30pm
LOCATION: Bealton, VA (go to sign up link for exact location)
COST: $35     Space is limited, so register now to save your spot

REMINDER: We will be outside, so please dress accordingly! There will also be a Nature Walk Meditation, so wear shoes you are comfortable walking in. If you have a drum or bells, rattles, please bring them along.  

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