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Sundari Sacred Arts - Yukiko Amaya's yoga, sacred dance & holistic healing

"Our (private) session was so amazing, so essential: regeneration for my spirit, food for MY LIFE. Thank you."

Jane Marla Robbins 
Topanga, CA
Award winning actress, Author, and Performance Coach

"Several years ago I had a client with a serious liver transplant rejection.  It was quite complicated I had only one chance at a healing as his family listened to doctors before spirit  As I began to prepare I heard "call Yukiko."  I had only known her as a gifted student but over the years I've learned to listen.  I called, she came and the result was an immediate reversal of the rejection.  The client began to regain energy immediately.

I've been doing healing work for many years and Yukiko is the only healer I unconditionally allow to work on me. I'm truly happy she is opening up her many gifts to others."

Nicholas Harper
Founder, Healing by Subtraction

"Yukiko Amaya brings to everything she engages with in the dance a devout stance that holds a crucible of clarity for all her students.
Her depth of life experience in the healing and moving arts provides a layer of first person reality that you can never quite match in books and study.

As an emissary of Soul Motion conscious dance practice, she has my full faith and confidence. Be ready for depth diving at its best when you study with Yukiko."

Vinn Arjuna Marti,  designer of Soul Motion

"Soul Motion classes... deep gratitude for the beauty of the work you do - taking us further.... & yes beyond our knowing. Body & spirit alchemy."

Amanda Foulger 
Topanga, CA
Shamanic healer, Teacher, and Faculty Member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies

"Thank you all for an amazing dance (Soul Motion class) last week. The invite to commit and stay open, to engage into all vibrations in and around us has been guiding me thru out the last days and its been a blessing. Thanks to Yukiko for sharing these amazing teachings."

Claudia Meglin
Los Angeles, CA

 "The week with Yukiko is a week that I would expand into an entire lifetime. Not only the movement but everything she brought regarding our connection to our humanity, to the earth and to  our authenticity -- I feel a deep gratitude and hope I can take this work out into the world.."

Mira - Israeli participant of 6 day Soul Motion retreat at Esalen Institute for Together Beyond Words peace group from Israel (committed to forging understanding and peace between Palestinians and Israelis).

"The experience with Yukiko was amazing. I felt things I never felt before. I was able to allow myself to release pain and other feelings. The inner peace and serenity enabled me to feel that I am in safe space. I now allow myself to do things I did not dare to do before."

Tahane - Palestinian participant of 6 day Soul Motion retreat at Esalen Institute for Together Beyond Words peace group from Israel (committed to forging understanding and peace between Palestinians and Israelis).

“Your teaching style (at Esalen Institute, for Soul Motion 6 day retreat with Israeli/Palestinian peace group, Together Beyond Words) provided an environment of safety, challenge, fun and wonder. The way that you modeled movements, invited me to explore how my body could move to different rhythms and sounds. I am in gratitude that you shared  with grace,  with fire,  with knowledge and skill,  the wonder of Soul Motion!"

Joyce Beck
Vice Chair of the Board and Development Director of Peace Through Commerce, Inc., Co-founder of The Crossings (a destination wellness spa) in Austin, TX, and Psychotherapist
Austin, TX

"...your exquisite ability to create a circle of safety (at Esalen for Israeli/Palestinian peace group, Together Beyond Words) in a relatively short period of time seemed almost mystical to me.  It was definitely outside of my comfort zone to just dance, just be, to be one with the group while swaying freely and sensually, and being mindful that at times others eyes were on me.  You are responsible for creating the space for me to trust you and I am thankful for your gift."

Eileen McPhillips Portner
Director of the AWE Division and a Board Member of Peace Through Commerce, Inc., Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, and Executive Life Coach

"I consider the days we have stayed in Ongamira (5 day Soul Motion retreat in Central Argentina),  were  to recover the peacefulness in my heart. It was fantastic and I came back as a new person. Thank you very much!!!!"

Maria Inés Strasberg
Pharmacist and CEO of her company
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"It´s (Soul Motion 4 day retreat in Ongamira, Argentina) been such an amazing experience to be able to listen, to dance and to learn from you that surely, all of us are really grateful. I remember every moment and keep them as a treasure. How nice it was to meet somebody who is as fun as wise.....that 's not very usual and I loved it!!"

Susana Alvarez
Retired English Teacher
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I loved the (Soul Motion)workshop very much. I felt like you created a very exploratory environment which had the effect of gently opening each person and the group as a whole. By the end, I felt that there was a very high degree of openess and connection among the participants. It was a blessing and a joy to be part of this workshop.”

Phil Ansel
Los Angeles, CA

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