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IRELAND: the land of magic

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BALI - Island of the Gods and Goddesses

 Journey into the heart of the Sacred! 
October 7 - 17, 2018

 Bathe in the planetary energy lines of the Rainbow Serpent (feminine) and the Plumed Serpent (masculine) as they intersect in Bali to be purified and cleansed.


The amazing power and grace of the beautiful and magical Island of Bali awaits you.

Are you ready to…
  • SHIFT out of being stuck in your habits and complaints?
  • DIVE into a transformational path and claim your authentic self?
  • RELAX and receive the love and care you need, in a beautiful health and wellness retreat center, on a magical, tropical island?

  • LIVE your life from a rooted place of confidence and love, fully supported by the Goddess?

   For those of you who answered YES to any of the above, THIS JOURNEY IS FOR YOU….And, it’s BALI!!


In this sacred immersion you will…
  • REALIGN YOURSELF TO YOUR LIFE PURPOSE by clearing your energetic, emotional, mental blocks in the exceptional vortex of Bali
  • RETURN TO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with yourself through the grounding magic of conscious movement practices, and like a magnificent tree, grow deeper roots into the ground 
  • ENTER INTO CONVERSATION WITH EARTH and open to listening to Her with deep respect and love - become Her advocate for a sustainable co-habitation on this planet
  • LIVE FROM AN EMPOWERED CENTER, enabling you to create a life of more joy, abundance and integrity
  • EXPERIENCE NOURISHING SUPPORT of like-minded souls as you move through this life-changing shift together
  • RELAX INTO A LUSCIOUS EMBRACE OF BALI, a culture so in connection with a reverential rhythm of life, it will bring forth into light the jewel of your true being
  • CONNECT WITH LOCAL CULTURE AND THE PEOPLE through Balinese cooking class, Balinese village priest - led ritual, local water purification ritual, and sacred Balinese Dance performance
  • IMMERSE IN THE POWERFUL ENERGY OF BALI with guided trips to sacred temples, the sunrise hike up a sacred mountain, and surrounded by the beauty of the UNESCO heritage terraced rice fields

   The Sacred Immersion is an experiential introduction and dive into the power of the Earth energies in Bali, through being on this magical land as well as visiting some of the sacred, power spots on the island, and opening our bodies and senses via various practices to feel and receive them.
   This is the pathway of Shamanism as well as Earth Based spirituality of the Goddess. Enter into relationship and conversation with Nature and Earth and each other, where we are each an active participant responsible for ourselves, and at the same time engaging and opening in curiosity towards the other. 

   Welcome to the healing power of the 3-fold relationship:
·      Myself and the Divine
·      Myself with the other
·      Myself with Nature / Earth
   We practice the Sacred Feminine or Spiral pathway of co-creation with the other / others….as well as the Other – a profound and deep Multiverse of beings and energies, as well as Source or the Divine.
    Learn to ask questions, and to LISTEN. 

   It's the pathway of love, integrity and respect, of reclaiming our empowered connection with ourselves, with Earth and with All Life. 

     In Bali, they call this pathway:  “Tri Hita Karana”, or the 3 causes of well being:, i.e.: bring harmony and balance to relationship with myself / divine, with others, and with Nature, and ALL WILL THRIVE.
  Tri Hita Karana is the foundation of Bali – it is in the village structure, in the daily offerings, in the way of subak: the cooperative water management and rice cultivation system. 

   This understanding has enabled each and every farmer to have the most abundant harvest on a volcanic island such as Bali for over a 1000 years! The water temple rituals and ceremonies provide a forum for all rice farmers and villages to work together in true harmony, sharing this vital resource so that every part of the farming process is conducted at the opportune time in complete sync with each other.


   The Earth Healer Way is to connect with the alive presence of Earth and Her pulse, especially felt through Her energy lines (ley lines) and underground waterways, often found in ancient, sacred sites and places of great natural beauty. 

   We learn to sense Earth through our entire body and our senses, entering into an active conversation with Her. 

   We invite being opened and brought into a deeper place of devotion, connection, embodiment and empowered presence in the world. 

   We step into a fully responsible relationship of co-creation with Earth. We commit to LISTENING deeply and ask QUESTIONS from the heart and soul, staying curious as we open the doorway into the Unknown.  

  Yukiko Amaya is passionate about investigating the frontiers of consciousness, communication, embodiment and Earth based spirituality. She was 12 years old when she first “woke up”, experiencing the Reality underlying all Matter, all Life. It took her many decades to come to an understanding and acceptance of what she was shown.

    The deep yearning for Presence took her on powerful, depth diving journeys of uncovering, where she was guided and taught by beautiful, amazing, loving and at times fierce beings, both in physical body and not. They led her back to a passionate connection with Mother Earth, to the Goddess, to the dance of Moon, Sun and Stars felt through air, fire, water, earth and ether of her own, consciously developed senses.

   She is a certified Soul Motion® teacher, tantric yogini, psychic energy healer, shamanic practitioner and an Embodied Radiant Empowerment Coach, and has been actively teaching since the early 90’s.

   She leads in-person workshops, retreats and sacred immersions internationally, alongside her online programs. Educated in Japan, Australia, the U.S.A. and France, she continues to study the energetic connections and teachings of sacred lands and dragon / ley lines around the world.

   She loves to keep learning and opening to the richness of Life, and at the moment, is in a 3 year, Priestess of Avalon training in Glastonbury, U.K.

   She currently lives in Virginia with her partner, on a farm surrounded by an assortment of highly colorful animal beings.

OCTOBER 7 - 17, 2018

   During our 10 nights / 11 days together, we will :

  • practice daily movement meditation / Soul Motion™ in the beautiful studio, open to Nature.

SOUL MOTION™ is a non-verbal practice of entering into our bodies, becoming grounded, and navigating the energies within us and around us, letting oneself be moved by them. It is a practice that changed my life, as it has done with many people. We dance, move, stand still, and are invited to “listen” to what is through our entire sensory system……so we can truly converse with the energies that are flowing within us and around us from a centered place of our own power.

  • sit in circle after dinner to share and assimilate our sacred immersion.

  • immerse in places of Power: 
- Sunrise trek to Mt. Batur and the sacred lake there, held to be  the most sacred place by the Bali Aga people, the indigenous tribe of Bali
- Tanah Lot Temple, the beautiful Sea Temple protected by a snake

- Uluwatu temple where the Rainbow Serpent energy line enters the island with glorious sunset views
- Besakih Temple on the side of Mt. Agung, the mother temple of Bali, and another power point.
- Lake Beratan and the floating water temple
- A special purification ritual at a beautiful water temple

  • have a taste of local culture

- Balinese cooking class
- How to make temple offerings
- Visit with a village priest in Sideman village who will lead us in ceremony

- Evening performance of Kecak, the monkey dance with the ocean as backdrop

  • indulge in self-care 

- Full service Balinese / Ayurvedic spa at our hotel, as well as many spas in the nearby Ubud, for your relaxation and self care

- Relax by the pool or on your terrace, basking in the healing environment of our retreat center.

   Nearby Ubud is an amazing cultural town in the mountains of Bali, full of fantastic restaurants, boutiques, spas and a large street market.

Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Spa Retreat, Ubud


   We will be at the amazing Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Spa Retreatset in 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst lush tropical forests in the mountains of Ubud, Bali, with the temperature at night around 64 - 73 F.

    In the sanctuary of this lovely retreat center are organic gardens and gourmet restaurant, spa and swimming pool, lovely rooms in Nature, created with a vision to bring health and vitality to all those who stay there.

ROOMS:  Superior Chalet 
(twin or single use – 2 twins or 1 king )

   The Superior Chalets are located in the middle of a lavish tropical forest and close to the “Wos River” well-known as a source of holy water.

   Each bedroom has its own terrace furnished with comfortable day bed and dining table where you can 
gaze out onto the incredible green forest as the sound of river punctuates the silence. 

You might catch a sight of animals such as monkey along with firefly, while winding down under the stars.

DINING: all breakfasts and dinners (except for 2 nights outside) 
at the Surya Restaurant at the resort. 
This is an amazing, organic restaurant set in the middle of verdant nature. All their vegetables and herbs come from their organic garden. They will accommodate special dietary requests with prior notice.


Sejati Spa – in a beautiful, Balinese setting, offering spa services and Ayurvedic treatments 

Yoga and Meditation Pavilion – 
a circular pavilion open to the surrounding nature where we will gather every morning and evening.


Swimming Pool + Fitness Center - for your own relaxation and well being.


Twin room option where you will share with another : $3,797
(the beds can be configured as 2 x twin or 1 x king)

Single room option where you will be the solo occupant : $4,481

 REGISTER NOW : $500 deposit

BRING A FRIEND BONUS  : you will receive $125 off each 


CLICK HERE NOW to email Yukiko at

Write BALI in subject line and she will respond ASAP.

  • 10 night / 11 days stay at the premier Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Spa Resort
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (except for 2 dinners we will have outside)
  • Balinese Blessing at hotel temple as opening ceremony
  • 1 hour Balinese massage at Spa
  • Complete Earth Healer Sacred Immersion Curriculum led/held by Yukiko, including: sacred power trips, activities, rituals and visits, Soul Motion™ sense activation sessions, Earth/heaven/body energy connection practices, integration circles, etc.
  • Yukiko's personalized attention for you to experience and integrate your Earth Healer transformation
  • Any “daily retreat activity” on schedule offered by Bagus Jati retreat center
  • Free use of hotel health and well-being facilities.
    (Pool, Gym, Hot Jacuzzi and Herbal steam bath in Spa pavilion)
  • Welcome drink & chilled towel upon arrival
  • A plate of tropical fruit (daily replaced)
  • Complimentary 2 bottle of mineral water per day per room
          & bring your own container for free refills
  • Free scheduled transport to Ubud area
  • Free Internet connection (Wi-Fi) at guest villa and public area
PRICE Does Not Include:
  • Airfare to Bali
  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel and back – contact Yukiko to organize
  • 2 dinners at outside restaurants
  • Any food or drinks outside of scheduled meals, or taken outside of hotel on free days
  • Tips
  • All Spa services at hotel (outside of your 1 complimentary massage) or any paying activities you elect during free time


 Please write BALI in your subject line. 
She will set up a time to chat with you ASAP.

50% Pay by July 31, 2018
Pay in full by August 31, 2018

Dear One, 

 I look forward to connecting with you and welcoming you to this most amazing journey of the heart, soul and body. I am at your service to answer any questions and concerns you may have, and to assess whether this journey is for you.
The power of Earth is calling us to tend to Her and tend to ourselves, connecting with Her energy lines and healing waters.
Bali is at the heart of clearing and purifying these major meridian energies of the planet.

If you are hearing the call, you are needed.

In love and gratitude. 
Blessed Be.



Before July 20 - full refund minus $65 admin fee
Before August 5 - refund minus $500 registration fee
Before September 5 - 50% (of total cost) refund
After September 6 - no refund, no exceptions
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