Sundari Sacred Arts - About Yukiko
Sundari Sacred Arts - Yukiko Amaya's yoga, sacred dance & holistic healing
Yukiko Amaya is passionate about helping you connect to the power and radiance of who you truly are. 

Yukiko is a healer, artist, and traveler. Her first love was dance and music, all improvised to whatever was present, starting when she was about 2 years old. She went on to co-found a music duo in high school, then a modern dance and music company in Paris, France, after graduating with a double major in English Literature and Far East Area Studies from an American accredited university in the heart of Tokyo.

Through a life filled with great curiosity and desire to understand what LIFE was about, Yukiko encountered many guides, teachers, healers, shamans and mentors. She is widely travelled, and has lived in Australia, Europe, Japan and the U.S. Her knowing is deep, wide and eclectic.

After intensive studies and practices of yoga, meditation, shamanism, dance, art, writing, ritual, dowsing, energy work and energy healing, she has become more and more aligned with the spiral pathway of embodied spirituality and empowerment. 

She heals and guides, teaches and leads through her combined understanding and synthesis of all that she has embodied as she enters into the 6th decade of her life. 

She is an energy healer, a psychic, tantric yogini, Soul Motion™ dancer/teacher, Earth Healer, and Sacred Immersion guide. 

She believes in the innate capacity of each person to heal and access their particular , holistic wisdom, through a grounded and embodied approach. 

Her way is not only of light and ascent but of dark and descent. There is amazing power and truth in going into the dark. We are not just spirit trying to get out of here!! We have work to do as EMBODIED soul beings.

Yukiko is a certified, Soul Motion™ teacher, a conscious dance practice designed and developed by Vinn Arjuna Martí. 

Her other trainings and studies include WRITING and EARTH WISDOM with Deena Metzger, GODDESS SPIRITUALITY through Luna Silver/Kathy Jones' Priestess of Avalon spiral trainings,YOGA & MEDITATION with Rod Stryker, Himalayan Institute, and Saul David Raye, SHAMANISM with Don Miguel Ruiz, TANDAVA with Daniel Odier, THAI MASSAGE at Wat Po Temple in Bangkok as well as with Saul David Raye, HEALING BY SUBTRACTION (energy clearing and extraction work) with Nicholas Harper, DNA THETA HEALING with Marina Rose, KALARIPPAYATU (South Indian martial arts) with Gurukal Sherifka,  and receiving energetic transmissions through direct connection with spirit guides and the Otherworld.

She is also deeply influenced by her years as a choreographer and dancer, practice of Butoh and Aikido, photography and art.

She comes from a lineage of doctors, scholars, healers, warriors, poets and land stewards in Japan.

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