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Sundari Sacred Arts - Yukiko Amaya's yoga, sacred dance & holistic healing

Welcome to Sundari Sacred Arts!
Yukiko Amaya's healing practices for embodied consciousness and earth based spirituality.

  • Are you ready to show up in your life as your own empowered self?
  • Do you want more fluidity and ease and presence in your everyday?
  • Are you yearning for more beauty, grace and abundance in your life?
  • Do you feel the desire to connect into the energies in your being AND in the land - to feel supported by Mother Earth?
  • Do you want to find your truth so that you can live from that confident center?

Finding Your Sovereign Self
May 2, 2020   1pm - 4pm EDT


There are pathways and knowings within you, that is CLEAR, WISE, AND CONNECTED TO ALL LIFE.

Welcome your body, heart, soul and mind to the SPIRAL PATH of connection and knowing.

Let me guide and accompany you back to the source of your intuition, power and wisdom. To the heart of your love. To a place and being that is deeply nurturing and nurtured. To the beauty and truth of YOU. 

When you stand in that place, you will feel your true power and feel the support of Life. You will feel in your bones your own alignment to the energies of Earth, Sun and Moon. To the Stars both in the sky and deep in the ground.

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