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Sundari Sacred Arts - Yukiko Amaya's yoga, sacred dance & holistic healing

Yukiko Amaya is passionate about helping you connect to the power and radiance of who you truly are.

Her first love was dance and music, all improvised to whatever was present, starting when she was about 2 years old. She went on to co-found a music duo in high school, then a modern dance and music company in Paris, France, after graduating with a double major in English Literature and Far East Area Studies from an American credited university in the heart of Tokyo.

She has been a devoted yoga and meditation practitioner since 1990 when she landed in Los Angeles from Paris, France, and met her teachers. She has been teaching yoga and meditation since receiving teacher training from Rod Stryker and Lisa Walford at Yoga Works in 1994.

Her yoga lineage is firmly rooted in the vast, complex, controversial and sometimes misunderstood, mystical wisdom-science of Tantra. For her, Tantra, at its core, is the exacting discipline and complete surrender into direct connection with the Source at all times, which is everywhere and in everything. This has taught her to practice and listen and breathe with increasing awareness of energy lines and life rhythm inherent in all, that is always moving. It is an exquisite path of learning and understanding how to live with integrity, heart and joy in this world.

Yukiko is also a certified, Soul Motion™ teacher, a conscious dance practice designed and developed by Vinn Arjuna Martí. This is a practice of conscious relationship - to oneself, to another, to a community, to the world - through the medium of dance that is free form, spontaneous, and creative. She feels that this practice has given her the outlet to express and share the various lineages of intuitive and somatic wisdom traditions she has studied and grown with.

Her other trainings and studies include SHAMANISM guided by Don Miguel Ruiz, TANDAVA with Daniel Odier, THAI MASSAGE at Wat Po Temple in Bangkok as well as with Saul David Raye, HEALING BY SUBTRACTION (energy clearing and extraction work) with Nicholas Harper,  KALARIPPAYATU (South Indian martial arts) with Gurukal Sherifka, WRITING and EARTH WISDOM with Deena Metzger, and receiving energetic transmissions through direct connection to Source.

She has had the good fortune to meet and study with remarkable teachers.

Her relationship with the world has also been deeply influenced by her background in modern dance, Butoh, Aikido, music, poetry, painting and photography, as well as by growing up and living in various cultures and by her love of travel.

She comes from a lineage of doctors, scholars, healers, warriors, poets and land stewards in Japan.

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